Pendulums Part 2 -Getting the most out of your pendulum

Pendulums are used as a divination tool aka talking with spirit. I want to dive a little deeper into this topic of spirit and the divine because it can get a little scary at times and overwhelming, so I’m hoping that I can help a bit.

Spirit could mean your higher self, spirit guides, guardian angels, loved ones, ascended masters, angels(there are 9 choirs of angels!!), ancestors, God-Goddess-Universe-Love-Whatever you want to call it, etc..... It's divine guidance. Some people even believe you are tapping into the Akashic Records. I think believing in whatever feels best for you, feels most comfortable, or makes you feel most at peace is what will be best. AND you can always change it up! Set an intention as a first step. You could say "talking to...." or "communicating with...". No matter what it's all coming from a place of love and there should be no fear. Connecting with your heart is the best place to start. I always like to call on some white light and protection before starting any kind of divination, ritual, spiritual thing, or even daily life! I always set an intention and ask for the most benevolent outcome of the highest and greatest good, so be it, so it is! Don't forget to do what feel best for you and to use wording that makes you feel authentic and connected, that way you will get the best results.

Call on your spirit guides, guardian angels, your loved ones, your ancestors, even an Archangel like Michael(he's a good one to call upon when you're not sure who to talk to), and anyone else you can think of. Put it out to the universe that anyone that wants to help and is of a benevolent nature may do so. If you are doing this for someone else, do not be afraid to call on the Spirit Team to help you out!

I like to set a mood/vibe for myself. So I’ll usually grab something that I can light like a candle, incense, and usually something I can smoke cleanse with. Did you know there are endless options for smoke cleansing, more than sage and palo santo. Google it! Music is great for vibing and connecting. And I’ll always grab a couple crystals too! I’ll even take a second to take some deep breaths and close my eyes to really calm and bring myself to a space of peace.

A good intention for starting out could be (connect to your heart center, I like to set my hand on my heart chakra to really feel and connect with it) "I now call on my spirit team to come in and surround me and I ask for the most benevolent outcome for the highest and greatest good of all concerned, so be it and so it is"

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