Pendulums Part 3 - Some more uses!

In this next part I will cover three new ways to use your pendulum.

The first way is to use it to help you choose things! This is great if we feel really indecisive, lol. You could use it to choose a pair of earrings to wear on that particular day, or to choose a crystal for yourself or maybe for a client that you’re doing energy healing or work on. You can use actual objects or even pictures. Say you couldn't decide on a course to take or maybe a trip destination, you could hold the pendulum over a picture that represented the choices and in turn ask the pendulum if that course would be helpful to you or that destination would fill your soul. It could be something as simple as deciding between two pairs of earrings. Hold the pendulum over each pair and in turn ask a simple "should I wear these?". If you're picking out a stone for a client, take a couple you feel could work and hold the pendulum over each one in turn and ask it if it's the best one or whatever feels right to you.

You can use a pendulum to help you identify a problem. Say you felt like you could possibly have a food allergy, gather and line up the possible suspects...dairy, wheat, etc... In turn ask if each could be the culprit. Make sure to test everything you think could be causing a problem because there is a chance there could be more than one.

The last one I'll be talking about today is using a pendulum to locate something or someone. Position the pendulum over a map and see whether the pendulum is more active over a particular area. This could be used for finding missing persons, lost objects, ancient sacred sites, hidden caves, water(dowsing), or mineral deposits. If you are trying to locate something in your house or inside somewhere you could simply go through the rooms starting with the room you are in and asking if the object is in the room or close to you.

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